This client wanted a maintenance free garden at the back of their home, but plenty of storage sitting area for entertaining guest. Each box is set up to be a hidden compartment so that tools, chairs and other items can be hidden for the clean and tidy look leaving the central area free for walking.
When I moved into my own house this garden was nothing but a path of grass. Now this 30 foot garden after the addition of a few hedges and a water feature is a tranquil paradise.
My client only wanted a few alterations with floral arangements around the garden and a cleanup on their lawn.
I am a person who believes in Feng shui and oriental beliefs. I can make your to your own personal specifications.
If you would like to have a Koi Pond feature, I would also add grills to help with pest control and to keep the surrounding area looking beautiful with water friendly plants.
My client wanted maintance on their edging around their entrance of their home. With a nice feature wall built up they now have a perfect floral box that will be easy to maintain year round.

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